Steps of Destruction

Because we like to be organized and we don’t want to assume any unnecessary risks, our services follow exact and pre-established steps, according to the rules we agreed with NAID association. The destruction begins when you call us to take over a pack of confidential documents, and ends when they were turned into confetti.


First Step – Identifying Needs and Getting Ready

Before you can start benefiting from Smart Shred’s services, you must know what quantity of documents you gather at a certain period of time. If you can’t find out this information by yourself, one of our specialists will arrive at your headquarters, to give you advice and to help you choose, depending on your needs, the best schedule for collecting and shredding the documents.

To make sure that the documents are handled as we promised, according to the rules, you can delegate someone in your company to come with us at our location and to assist at the secure destruction process.

Step 2 – Collecting and Transporting the Documents

In the day established for taking over the documents, or whenever you place an order because you gathered the required amount of material, Smart Shred will send a team at your office. If you choose to deliver the documents in a bulk to be destroyed, they will be weighed, placed into bags and loaded into the vehicle to be transported to our office. Documents may also be delivered inside boxes, pallets or containers of various sizes.

The vans that we use to do our job have all the necessary equipment to ensure the security of transport, and Smart Shred representatives are trained to be very careful not to lose the smallest piece of paper when loading or unloading the documents.

After the pickup is done, you will receive a signed and stamped report, that mentions the type of the documents taken and their weight.

Step 3 – Destroying the Documents

After arriving at Smart Shred’s headquarters, the documents are unloaded, and the responsible people examine the vehicle, to make sure no piece of paper remained inside (even though it’s almost impossible). The documents are then prepared and taken to be destroyed with the industrial equipment.

After the shredding, the pieces that result are so small that they cannot be reassembled. Further, they are transformed into and stored for a short time, until they are sent to the recycling center.

Step 4 – Getting the Secure Destruction Certificate

Smart Shred, unlike other companies in Romania that destroy documents, has the possibility, based on its NAID Certification, to issue at the end of the shredding process a certificate attesting that your information was kept confidential until the last moment.

After your documents have been destroyed and baled, Smart Shred will release the Certificate of Secure Destruction and the invoice, which will mention again the type of the shredded documents and their weight.

Naid Europe
NAID Certificate

You don’t have to take our word!
Smart Shred is one of the few companies in Eastern Europe who can prove with a NAID Certification, its professionalism in managing confidential information.

NAID Certification guarantees that Smart Shred meets all the standards agreed at international level, for document destruction security. You don’t have to worry about your documents’ confidentiality, from the beginning until the end of our collaboration. Along the way, you will be assisted only by qualified and well trained people, who can properly apply all the necessary measures to prevent information leakage. Even more, every step of the process – picking up, transporting, shredding and recycling the documents – will be done in compliance with the highest standards of operational security.

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They chose to work with us
Secure Document Destruction

 Secure Document Destruction

It is essential to protect your documents’ confidentiality even after they become outdated or their storage term into the archive expires.

Failure to manage the documents according to thought-out rules can lead to severe repercussions, as confidential information leaks.

Internationally, companies specialized in document destruction are notorious and appreciated, because they operate complying to well-established ethical rules.

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The certificate will save our company from legal responsibility?

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