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Is Secure Document Destruction really necessary?

Employee records, financial and accounting files, or inventory reports contain information that must be protected to avoid unwanted problems. Also, an excellent management of the personal information you are trusted with is required, in order to prove professionalism, and to maintain your credibility in front of customers or business partners. Make sure to store clients’ credit card information safe, and also their personal data which you may use under terms of confidentiality, for communication and marketing campaigns.

Faster or slower, you will gather a considerable amount of outdated documents which, however, contain information you will want to keep confidential. We do not recommend you to collaborate with recycling companies, waste disposal companies or various freelancers, before destroying the information!

Because we have the pleasure to find you here, on our website, we will assume that assuring the protection of confidential documents is a priority for you, and that a modern and efficient service, able to guarantee the security of document destruction, is the solution you are looking for.

With Smart Shred it’s easy to get rid of your confidential documents, that contain information about your activity, clients and employees. The whole shredding process is run by the rules, ensuring safety. Therefore, your information is prevented from getting into the wrong hands.

Are Smart Shred’s services lucrative for you?

We bet they are!
Our services are an efficient solution for shopping malls, hypermarket chains, supermarkets and cash & carry stores,  but are also helpful for smaller retailers or online stores.

We just have to discuss and establish, depending on your needs, the appropriate frequency of collecting and shredding the documents.

Smart Shred specialists can advise you on how to measure the amount of materials you gather, in order to set up an efficient clean up plan!

Choose the option that suits you

Smart Shred secure shredding services can help you save when you must get rid of unnecessary documents.

Choose, from the Smart 4 Pack, the alternative that better fits your needs, and benefit from our affordable prices:  

  • 1 order monthly
  • 3 orders in a 2 months period
  • 4 orders in a 6 months period
  • 5 orders within a year

None of the options above seem right for your company? Just ask for a personalized quote, by filling out the form you will find after clicking the button herewith.

Why should you choose Smart Shread?

  • We are the first company in Romania who can guarantee compliance with the high standards for secure document destruction required by Naid EUROPE. We received our Naid Certification in 2007 and since then, we renew it annually.
  • We are rigorous regarding privacy terms, when we take over and shred any of our clients’ documents.
  • Our services are affordable, will help you save time and money, and are also a good way to help the environment.
  • Since 2007, when we entered the Romanian market, our specialists enriched their expertise in preventing information leakage, and learned to adjust their service depending on the specific requirements of different fields of activity.

The destruction

Because we like to be organized and we don’t want to assume any unnecessary risks, our services follow exact and pre-established steps, according to the rules we agreed with NAID association.

The destruction begins when you call us to take over a pack of confidential documents, and ends when they were turned into confetti.

Naid Europe
NAID Certificate

You don’t have to take our word!
Smart Shred is one of the few companies in Eastern Europe who can prove with a NAID Certification, its professionalism in managing confidential information.

NAID Certification guarantees that Smart Shred meets all the standards agreed at international level, for document destruction security. You don’t have to worry about your documents’ confidentiality, from the beginning until the end of our collaboration. Along the way, you will be assisted only by qualified and well trained people, who can properly apply all the necessary measures to prevent information leakage. Even more, every step of the process – picking up, transporting, shredding and recycling the documents – will be done in compliance with the highest standards of operational security.

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Connect in the shortest time with one of Smart Shred’s specialists, and find together the appropriate solution for your necessities.

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Secure Document Destruction

 Secure Document Destruction

It is essential to protect your documents’ confidentiality even after they become outdated or their storage term into the archive expires.

Failure to manage the documents according to thought-out rules can lead to severe repercussions, as confidential information leaks.

Internationally, companies specialized in document destruction are notorious and appreciated, because they operate complying to well-established ethical rules.

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We are a small company... is us working together worth it?

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What guarantees of quality and confidentiality can you offer?

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What should we do if we fill up the containers or the space where we gather the materials sooner?

Nothing easier! Contact us and one of our representatives will arrive in short time at your headquarters, to remove the documents you collected.... see the rest of the answer

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