A recycling company does not have the necessary technological facilities to be able to prevent leakage of information. This is why collecting, transporting and destructing the confidential documents may not be fully secured. Therefore, your customers, your employees and even the credibility of the organization you run could be at risk.

Smart Shred uses specialized equipment of high capacity, operates in a safe location, and works only with qualified staff, that follows strict procedures for handling, shredding, storing and recycling the confidential documents.

It’s easy to explain: your costs will actually lower if you choose to work with a specialized company. At first, you should take into account how much is worth the time your employees waste shredding paper. A quality office shredder can only chop a few folders in an hour, compared with the high capacity shredders used by Smart Shred, that turn into confetti up to 2 tons of paper in an hour.

Also, the specialized services offered by Smart Shred will help you save the space in your office and the money for purchasing the shredding equipment. Furthermore, you can forget about throwing away the scraps, which leave from our office straight towards a recycling point.

At Smart Shred’s headquarters, we have all the necessary conditions to shred the confidential documents you collected fast and safe. Moving our industrial shredders, of high capacity, is possible, but it’s not the most comfortable solution.

You can store the documents in bags, containers or inside any available room, where they will be protected from humidity.

No, you don’t need to waste your time with such things. Paper’s type and color are irrelevant to us. You can simply throw whole folders into the collecting containers. Unlike office shredders, which break down if you forget to remove paper clips, pins or staples, our professional equipment can easily process all these metallic elements.

Smart Shred will release a “Certificate of Secure Document Destruction”, after the shredding is done. We can also provide a video of the moment when the documents were processed.

The certificate will mention that the documents have been destroyed entirely, and that they were sent to be recycled.

No. Your company will still be responsible for the content and the compliance of your documents with the existing legal regulations.

Of course! It is worth it because you can also benefit from Smart Shred’s services on demand. When you collect enough documents that you need to destroy, just place an order, and someone will pick up the container in the shortest time.

Outsourcing the shredding process will save the precious time of your employees, and will help you lower costs and increase productivity.

Nothing easier! Contact us and one of our representatives will arrive in short time at your headquarters, to remove the documents you collected.

To begin with, we totally trust the people we work with. They are all qualified and trained to handle your documents with maximum discretion and professionalism. Of course, each of our employees signed a confidentiality agreement with Smart Shred, and Smart Shred will sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

Furthermore, the location where your confidential documents will be destroyed is very well secured. The access inside the area is restricted for unauthorized persons, the doors are equipped with special locks and efficient alarm and video surveillance systems monitor each movement.

Send us a message at office@smartshred.ro, or call us at +40.21.361.56.95. One of our representatives will get in touch with you in the shortest time.

Naid Europe
NAID Certificate

You don’t have to take our word!
Smart Shred is one of the few companies in Eastern Europe who can prove with a NAID Certification, its professionalism in managing confidential information.

NAID Certification guarantees that Smart Shred meets all the standards agreed at international level, for document destruction security. You don’t have to worry about your documents’ confidentiality, from the beginning until the end of our collaboration. Along the way, you will be assisted only by qualified and well trained people, who can properly apply all the necessary measures to prevent information leakage. Even more, every step of the process – picking up, transporting, shredding and recycling the documents – will be done in compliance with the highest standards of operational security.

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Connect in the shortest time with one of Smart Shred’s specialists, and find together the appropriate solution for your necessities.

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They chose to work with us
The destruction

Because we like to be organized and we don’t want to assume any unnecessary risks, our services follow exact and pre-established steps, according to the rules we agreed with NAID association.

The destruction begins when you call us to take over a pack of confidential documents, and ends when they were turned into confetti.

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Secure Document Destruction

 Secure Document Destruction

It is essential to protect your documents’ confidentiality even after they become outdated or their storage term into the archive expires.

Failure to manage the documents according to thought-out rules can lead to severe repercussions, as confidential information leaks.

Internationally, companies specialized in document destruction are notorious and appreciated, because they operate complying to well-established ethical rules.

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