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Warehouse location: 33A Giurgiului Road, inside ARTECA, Jilava, Ilfov

Mailing address: 2nd Cetatea Veche Street., bl. 40, sc 3, 2nd floor, apt. 50

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Naid Europe
NAID Certificate

You don’t have to take our word!
Smart Shred is one of the few companies in Eastern Europe who can prove with a NAID Certification, its professionalism in managing confidential information.

NAID Certification guarantees that Smart Shred meets all the standards agreed at international level, for document destruction security. You don’t have to worry about your documents’ confidentiality, from the beginning until the end of our collaboration. Along the way, you will be assisted only by qualified and well trained people, who can properly apply all the necessary measures to prevent information leakage. Even more, every step of the process – picking up, transporting, shredding and recycling the documents – will be done in compliance with the highest standards of operational security.

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They chose to work with us
The destruction

Because we like to be organized and we don’t want to assume any unnecessary risks, our services follow exact and pre-established steps, according to the rules we agreed with NAID association.

The destruction begins when you call us to take over a pack of confidential documents, and ends when they were turned into confetti.

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Can you bring the shredder to our headquarters?

At Smart Shred's headquarters, we have all the necessary conditions to shred the confidential documents you collected fast and safe. Moving our indust... see the rest of the answer

Should we remove paper clips and sort the paper?

No, you don't need to waste your time with such things. Paper's type and color are irrelevant to us. You can simply throw whole folders into the colle... see the rest of the answer

The certificate will save our company from legal responsibility?

No. Your company will still be responsible for the content and the compliance of your documents with the existing legal regulations.... see the rest of the answer

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